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How to Create a Wedding Budget

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

We are asked all the time by brides and grooms, “How do we go about budgeting for our wedding?” We have some recommendations that may help with your planning and creating a budget.

It’s important before you begin setting a wedding budget to figure out approximately what things cost in your area. You really cannot set a realistic budget without doing this first important step. For instance, you don’t want to plan on $1000 for a photographer when in reality photographers in your area charge $2000. Do lots of research and meet with area experts, get printed price lists where possible, and really give yourself some solid projected costs. Remember if you are planning a couple years in advance that these prices may vary.Write a detailed list with vendor(s) names, projected costs and tally it up. It may be helpful to use software such as excel to easily update information and compare different vendors with the same services like caterers.Start making a guest list. This will play a huge part in what you will require for a budget as the number of guests is proportional to the amount you will need for your budget. Depending on your area a good rule of thumb is $100 for every person invited. This is one of the biggest area where a couple can save as the longer the guest list, the larger the budget will need to be.What are your priorities?

Establish a priority list of 2-3 of the most important elements of your wedding. Go over this as a couple and decide what your “must haves” are.

Overall, enjoy the journey of planning your big day. This can be a busy and stressful process. Soak in every aspect of being able to plan your big day!

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